Executive Leadership Team

  • Steve Demetriou
    Steve Demetriou

    Chair of the Board & Chief Executive Officer

  • Kevin Berryman
    Kevin Berryman

    President & Chief Financial Officer

  • Bob Pragada
    Bob Pragada

    President & Chief Operating Officer

  • Madhuri Andrews
    Madhuri Andrews

    Executive Vice President, Chief Digital & Information Officer

  • Steve Arnette
    Steve Arnette

    Executive Vice President & President, Critical Mission Solutions

  • Joanne Caruso
    Joanne Caruso

    Executive Vice President, Chief Legal & Administrative Officer

  • Shelie Gustafson
    Shelie Gustafson

    Executive Vice President, Chief People & Inclusion Officer

  • Marietta Hannigan
    Marietta Hannigan

    Executive Vice President, Chief Strategy, Corporate Development & Communication Officer

  • Patrick Hill
    Patrick Hill

    Executive Vice President & President, People & Places Solutions

  • Claudia Jaramillo
    Claudia Jaramillo

    Executive Vice President, Strategy & Corporate Development

  • Shannon Miller
    Shannon Miller

    Executive Vice President & Chief Growth Officer

  • Caesar Nieves
    Caesar Nieves

    Executive Vice President & President, Divergent Solutions