News Jan 21, 2022

Jacobs Awarded Task Order by Air Force Lifecycle Management Center for Software Support Services

We provide leading-edge software capabilities in support of Air Force Air Mobility Command mission planning requirements.

Air Force Lifecycle Management Center

The?Air Force Lifecycle Management Center?(AFLCMC) awarded us a task order contract for the development and delivery of software in support of Air Force Air Mobility Command (AMC) mission planning requirements. The award has an estimated value of more than $49 million over a three-year period of performance.

“The AMC is a critical steward of our military’s operational effectiveness, and with the responsibility to provide on-demand air sustainment support across our armed forces and around the world, the AMC cannot fail,”?says Critical Mission Solutions Vice President and General Manager of Advancing National Security Defense Nick Starika. “As the need for real-time, global capability and mission support continues to grow – whether that mission be military or humanitarian – the AMC depends on systems and solutions that ensure the integrity of its operational capability.?Jacobs continues our longstanding support of the AMC and Department of Defense through delivery of innovative software solutions that advance our military’s aeronautical capabilities and safeguard mission performance.”

With a mission supporting full-spectrum military readiness and strategic deterrence, the AMC provides rapid, global mobility and sustainment support for all the United States’ armed forces. Jacobs will directly support AMC mission capability through the development and sustainment of aircraft and airdrop mission planning software across the diverse and extensive portfolio of Air Force and allied nation aircraft used in airlift, aerial refueling, surveillance and humanitarian missions. We will develop, modernize, integrate and sustain mission planning software across the spectrum of AMC’s Global Mobility (GM) platforms; ensure the compatibility of mission planning data across disparate avionics systems; and improve holistic mission performance through automation of airdrop solutions.

Program delivery will leverage the Jacobs Software Engineering Center (JSEC), which pairs leading-edge, Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Level 3 credentialed software engineering and development capability with exceptional and unique mission experience to deliver transformative solutions to military partners. Through JSEC’s tailored application of scaled agile development, DevSecOps (Development, Security and Operations) practices, and user?centered?design approaches, Jacobs is accelerating the delivery of mission capability to the aircrews of the AMC.