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Meet Cleo Thomas

Meet Cleo Thomas

His goal-oriented mindset and innate curiosity mean he is always willing to take the opportunity to disrupt the status quo by testing new technology and introducing innovative solutions. Meet Cleo.

“I would remind my team that we must be resilient when it comes to communication. We have to think in threes and must have three ways to communicate at all times from all locations.”

Cleo Thomas

Cleophus Thomas

Division Vice President and Deputy General Manager for the Strategic Initiative Group, Jacobs

Cleophus “Cleo” is a part of our Cyber and Intelligence Business Unit, which develops innovative technologies and supports corporate partnerships in line with Jacobs’ value to challenge the accepted by continually seeking new possibilities for improvement.

As a Division Vice President and Deputy General Manager for the Strategic Initiative Group, Cleo plays a critical part in ensuring priority opportunities are resourced and meet critical milestones. His responsibilities include also providing support to the performance units with the business unit.

Since joining Jacobs in May 2020, Cleo has brought a lot of positive energy to our company. Not only does he contribute to the development of Jacobs’ information technology (IT) and business units, but he also encourages movement for inclusion across the company by leading a team of six personnel supporting the Action Plan for Advancing Justice and Equality for black employees at Jacobs.

Cleo’s accomplishments outside Jacobs are equally impressive. He has more than 24 years of military experience leading and managing several cyber defense and IT organizations at the highest levels of the Department of Defense (DoD) and the White House.

As the Chief Information Officer/Commander of the White House Communications Agency, Cleo provided communications support to the President of the United States and the White House Staff. His team defended global networks in support of the President, Vice President, National Security Staff, Secret Service and Senior Executive Staff resulting in zero cyber intrusions and zero loss of Presidential data. Cleo has solved critical strategic-level cyber problems, managed multimillion-dollar programs and developed strategic plans to ensure organizations met mission requirements.

We are lucky to have Cleo as a member of the Jacobs team, and we hope that he will continue pursuing his career advancement under the auspices of our company.

  • 25

    years of military experience

  • 3

    Black commanders of White House Communications Agency

  • 1992

    restoring a GMC truck