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Meet John Noble

Meet John Noble

John Noble challenges our teams to deliver solutions around the world adding innovation along-side best practice to deliver projects safely at an accelerated pace often in response to global health crises.

As head of Jacobs’ Life Sciences business, John sees first-hand the benefit of the work we do – several Jacobs’ designed and built projects have manufactured therapies which saved family members' lives.

  • 17

    times traveled around the world in 14 months while supporting a major GID project in Malaysia

  • 7

    cities lived and worked in - London, Los Angeles, New York, Singapore, Dublin, Sienna and of course Cincinnati

Adept at being responsive to our clients and their demands to get to market quickly, while providing the best value for their investment, John’s knowledge, experience and passion to “find a way” however impossible the challenge generates incredible results.

John earned his Ph.D. and Master’s in Chemical Engineering from Imperial College, University of London. He’s worked for Jacobs in every continent where we operate,?only low earth orbit still to check off! He's even worked on?on several facility projects that have ended up producing products which saved family members' lives.