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Building compliance and condition assessment, optimized

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Track Record Facilities is a web-based compliance management platform which enables our clients to deliver full compliance and condition assessment with evidence audit trails, all at lower cost and risk.

Your challenge

Managing the whole end-to-end process (inspecting – storing – reporting) of building condition assessment around building standards can be complex, painful and costly.

Our clients need to be able to collect, store and analyze their building portfolio data in a timely matter, as well as address any problems that arise and ensure they are making the best strategic decisions. Their current compliance process could also be leaving them exposed to serious risk.

Our solution

For almost two decades, teams have trusted?Track Record?software to reinvent the way they collaborate and approach data management. Continuously evolving alongside the needs of our clients, Track Record Facilities provides a highly secure, reliable and configurable solution to enable teams to digitize their workflows on one centralized and streamlined platform.

You also have the option to include the services of our dedicated team of building compliance specialists at Jacobs, who can help you to collect, manage, track and understand your data for more strategic decision making.

Track Record Facilities by Jacobs

Track Record Facilities by Jacobs

Key benefits

  • Reduce risk icon
    Reduce risk

    We provide peace of mind.?

    Enabling you to prove your portfolio regulation compliance within a limited budget and without unnecessary costs.

  • Improve efficiency
    Improve efficiency

    We support productivity.

    Speed up your inspections, securely upload and access all information, across any device, as well as gaining instant updates on the go.

  • Unlimited users
    Unlimited users

    We encourage collaboration.

    With unlimited seats your price won't increase, no matter how many people use the platform.

  • One platform
    One platform

    We simplify things.

    Digitize the collection, storage, analysis, and reporting of your stakeholder information all in one place.

Key features

Visual tracking
We keep you on track. Our traffic light system identifies progress and provides alerts, supporting fast action and prioritization.

Instant updates
We work fast. Our mobile apps allow on-site mobile data capture, so you and your teams can gain and provide instant updates on the go.

Interactive dashboards
We bring your data to life. Our interactive visual dashboards allow faster reporting and facilitate trend analysis through deep data management.

Personalized experience
We focus on you. Our tailored landing page highlights your key tasks and priorities for immediate focus.

Over 1,600 organizations trust Track Record

  • > 25 %


  • > 50 %


  • > 200 %


*Source: Sample of clients over the last 3 years

“We use Track Record Facilities for statutory compliance with it helping us in the areas of maintenance and asset management. It is now a key part of how we manage our risk and essential statutory tasks.”

Andy Smith

Technical Compliance Director at Gov Facility Services Limited

Want help to deliver full compliance and conditioning assessments with evidence audit trails, all at a lower cost and risk?

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